What Is a Registered Childminder?

What you can expect from a Registered Childminder in Larne

Registered Childminders are expert day carers who work in their own homes to provide care and education for other peoples children in a family setting, offering a flexibility of service in the home.

Currently childminding is the most popular form of childcare. There are more than 100,000 registered childminders in the UK, caring for more than 300,000 children under five along with school age kids. Registered childminders offer a flexible service in a family setting. All childminders are required by law to register with the NCMA and registration is renewed annually. This involves an inspection of the childminders home to check that standards are maintained, which is annually carried out at my home at Walnut Road, Larne.

Childminders in Larne can be registered to care for up to six children, the number they are registered for includes their own children.

Childminders are probably so popular because of their flexibility. Due to the low ratio of children to a childminder, I can care for each individual child’s needs. This includes special diets, routines or attendance at a school or playgroup. Many childminders continue to care for children up to early teenage years and beyond, providing continuity of care unrivaled in the daycare world.

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